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Maggie Brady

Document: CAEPR Seminar

Using interviews with protagonists and documentary sources, this seminar examines the development of two licensed social clubs that were designed to inculcate responsible drinking practices for their Aboriginal clientele. The Murrinh Patha Social Club at Wadeye was designed by well-meaning Catholic missionaries in the late 1970s, in a post-prohibition effort to teach moderation in a safe environment and the Tyeweretye Social Club in Alice Springs was established in the early 1990s for very similar reasons.

Document: Discussion Paper

The idea that alcoholic drinks should be made available in licensed canteens or clubs in discrete Aboriginal communities has a contentious history in Australian public policy. This discussion paper aims to provide some historical depth to the latest resurgence of interest in the idea. The paper traces the social and policy changes that created a context within which it was thought that rationed sales of alcohol in home communities would encourage responsible drinking practices among Indigenous drinkers.

Document: Staff Publication

Brady, M. and Long, J. ‘Mutual exploitation? Aboriginal Australian encounters with Europeans, Southeast Asians and tobacco’, in B. Jankowiak and D. Bradburd (eds), Stimulating Trade: Drugs, Labor and European Expansion, University of Arizona Press, Albuquerque, pp. 31–58.

Document: Staff Publication

Brady, M., Byrne, J. and Henderson, G. ‘Which bloke would stand up for Yalata? The struggle of an Aboriginal community to control the availability of alcohol’, Australian Aboriginal Studies, 2003/2: 62–71.

Document: Staff Publication

Brady, M. Talking About Alcohol with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Patients. A Brief Intervention Tool for Health Professionals, Flip-chart resource for health professionals, OATSIH, Canberra, 10pp.

Document: Staff Publication

Brady, M. ‘Healthcare in remote Australian Indigenous communities’, The Lancet Supplement, December 2003, pp.s2-s3.