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Neil Westbury

Document: Staff Publication

Taylor, J. and Westbury, N. Population Change in Port Augusta: Challenges and Implications for the COAG Urban and Regional Strategy, Report to the South Australian Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Port Augusta Urban and Regional Strategy Steering Committee and Aboriginal Community Engagement Group, Adelaide and Port Augusta, 48pp.

Document: Working Paper


In 2009, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to include an Urban and Regional Strategy as part of the Indigenous Reform Agreement aimed at coordinating the delivery of services to Indigenous Australians. The main purpose of this strategy was to ensure that government agencies and community groups form partnerships to develop implementation plans for coordinated actions in relation to the headline indicators of the COAG Closing the Gap targets.

Document: Discussion Paper

The ability of Indigenous people to manage and budget their income, arrange to pay third parties, purchase food, goods and services, and maintain a level of financial and economic independence and planning, are all reliant on maintaining informed access to appropriate banking and financial services.

Document: Discussion Paper

Australia's financial system is undergoing a period of substantial structural change. A number of interrelated factors are implicated: changes in the competitive forces within the sector, the introduction of new technology, and changing consumer demands. While these changes may have had positive impacts on most consumers, they have had a number of negative impacts, particularly for low-income consumers of financial services and for people located in rural and remote communities.

Document: Research Monograph

As has long been recognised, poor diet and nutritional status are strongly associated with a variety of chronic, preventable, and non-communicable diseases that are highly prevalent in Aboriginal communities. Not surprisingly, public health programs targeted at improving health outcomes among Aboriginal people increasingly identify improved nutrition as an essential focus of intervention.

Document: Working Paper

Much has been written about the issues of Aboriginal Australian self-determination, self-governance and sovereignty. This report attempts to identify a way forward on some of the challenging self-governance and service delivery issues facing governments and Aboriginal peoples, by identifying strategic opportunities for change and the development of more coll