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The Australian National University

Hilary Bek

Document: Discussion Paper

The Torres Strait Treaty between Australia and Papua New Guinea, ratified in 1985, recognised customary, and limited commercial, Indigenous rights in marine resources in Torres Strait. Since the High Court's Mabo vs Queensland decision in June 1992, and the establishment of the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA), effectively from July 1994, the issue of rights in marine resources has become central to the development of a sustainable regional economic base for Indigenous people in Torres Strait.

Document: Discussion Paper

The Native Title Act 1993 specifically recognises Indigenous property rights in Indigenous species; if there is one legislative event that could alter Indigenous utilisation of wildlife in the future it is provisions in this statute. This legal framework means that Indigenous people may in the future hold property or resource rights not just over currently vacant Crown land, but also in national parks or pastoral leasehold land.

Document: Research Monograph

This monograph summaries of policy-relevant published research on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic development and labour market issues. Topics covered include employment, land tenure, government policies and programs, mining, demographic trends, tourism, and subsistence. The monograph updates Indigenous Australians in the Economy: Abstracts of Research, 1991-92.