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The Australian National University

Hannah Bulloch

Document: Staff Publication

Bulloch, H. Indigenous Freshwater Rights Topic Guide, 21pp., available at <>.

Document: Staff Publication

Jordan, K., Bulloch, H. and Buchanan, G. 'Statistical equality and cultural difference in Indigenous wellbeing frameworks: A new expression of an enduring debate', Australian Journal of Social Issues, 45 (3): 333-62.

Document: Staff Publication

Jordan, K. and Bulloch, H. 'Indigenous affairs in the Australian Journal of Social Issues: Past, present and future', Australian Journal of Social Issues, 45 (3): 297-306.

Document: CAEPR Seminar

In recent years there has been an increasing recognition of the limits of GDP as a measure of 'progress' and a growing emphasis on notions of wellbeing, satisfaction, or quality of life. A number of alternative measures of national progress have emerged both in Australia and ov