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Hannah Bulloch

Document: Staff Publication

Bulloch, H. Indigenous Freshwater Rights Topic Guide, 21pp., available at <>.

Document: Staff Publication

Jordan, K., Bulloch, H. and Buchanan, G. 'Statistical equality and cultural difference in Indigenous wellbeing frameworks: A new expression of an enduring debate', Australian Journal of Social Issues, 45 (3): 333-62.

Document: Staff Publication

Jordan, K. and Bulloch, H. 'Indigenous affairs in the Australian Journal of Social Issues: Past, present and future', Australian Journal of Social Issues, 45 (3): 297-306.

Document: CAEPR Seminar

In recent years there has been an increasing recognition of the limits of GDP as a measure of 'progress' and a growing emphasis on notions of wellbeing, satisfaction, or quality of life. A number of alternative measures of national progress have emerged both in Australia and overseas, with some of the better known including the 'Australian Unity Wellbeing Index', the 'Genuine Progress Indicator' and the 'Happy Planet Index'. In common with these measures, economist Amartya Sen has rejected the notion that development can be measured purely by changes in personal income or GDP.

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