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The Australian National University

CAEPR Theses

Gratuate Research currently being undertaken

Talia Avrahamzon, PhD Scholar
How is a child's readiness to engage in reconciliation constructed?

Charmaine Brown, PhD Scholar
What is good practice in Indigenous-led interventions in violence against Indigenous women?

Geoff Buchanan, PhD Scholar
Country, Culture, Economy: Challenges to Livelihoods and Development and Remote Indigenous Australia

Paul Campbell, PhD Scholar
To be advised.

Tony Dreise, PhD Scholar
Philanthropy and Indigenous Education

Lisa Fowkes, PhD Scholar
Implementing the Remote Jobs and Communities Program

Helen Fraser, PhD Scholar
The Popularity of the Indigenous Protected Areas Program: Foundations and Threats.

Simone Georg, PhD Scholar
How can service providers use risk and protective factors to improve community safety? Examining inter-agency partnerships.

Tjanara Goreng Goreng, PhD Scholar
The Road to Eldership and the Impact of Elder vision on community Economic Development in an Anangu family.

Katy Jones, PhD Scholar
Primary school attendance by Indigenous children in remote Northern Territory: what policies could be used to improve attendance rates?

Jonathan Kilgour, PhD Scholar
Complexity and indigenous development: what can we learn from the intersection of complexity theory and indigenous development?

Susan Page, PhD Scholar
Beyond Black and White: Defining Threshold Concepts in first year Australian Indigenous Studies

Michaela Woods, PhD Scholar
The value of cultural practice to Aboriginal people

Mandy Li-Ming Yap, PhD Scholar
Interaction between gender and wellbeing amongst Indigenous Australians

Completed Theses


Dr Deirdre Tedmanson (PhD)
Shifting State Constructions of Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara: changes to the South Australian Pitjantjatjara Land Rights Act 1981-2006.


Dr Paul Cleary (PhD)
Iron Ore Dreaming: a study of Native Title negotiations in the Pilbara, Western Australia


Dr Richard Barcham (PhD)
A Pacific Approach to Community Development:Can It be Transposed to Indigenous Australia?

Dr Kate Sullivan (PhD)
Indigenous Interaction with the Justice System in New South Wales


Dr Kathryn Thorburn (Ph