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The Australian National University


The following academic staff members can assist with supervision of PhD and Masters students and Summer Scholars:

Dr Liz Allen     Demography, Indigenous demography, population health, child excess weight, gender and population, families and household dynamics, education, evaluation and measurement, mixed method research.

Dr Nick Biddle    Education economics, health economics, Indigenous labour market and socio-economic outcomes, official statistics, applied econometrics, migration and mobility.

Dr Maggie Brady    Indigenous Australia; health, diet and lifestyle, the role of primary health care services in alcohol interventions.

Dr Janet Hunt    Indigenous governance and development, community development in Indigenous Australia, NGOs and Indigenous development, Indigenous people and cultural and natural resource management in New South Wales, civil society and development in Timor-Leste.

Dr Katherine Curchin    Indigenous policy, Indigenous governance, welfare reform, gender, political philosophy including deliberative democracy, multiculturalism and paternalism. 

Dr Marisa Fogarty    Indigenous gambling, Australian gambling, Indigenous social policy, applied anthropology, social service delivery, qualitative research methods.

Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner  Indigenous policy relevant research with a social and socio-legal focus

Dr Boyd Hunter    Economic history, urban inequality, poverty, social exclusion, labour economics, industrial relations, social policy and labour market discrimination.

Dr Se├ín Kerins    Indigenous Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand, land and sea rights, caring for country, common property resources and community-based management, wildlife utilisation and subsistence economies.

Dr Inge Kral    Education anthropology, literacy, applied linguistics, Indigenous education, Indigenous youth, Indigenous languages and linguistics.

Dr Julie Lahn    Anthropology of development, anthropology of poli