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NATSISS Conference Presentations

Union Court

The conference

'Social Science Perspectives on the 2008 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey' was held at The Australian National University in Canberra over two days on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 April 2011.

Presented by the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the conference brought together some leading social scientists writing on Indigenous issues in Australia and internationally. The main aim of the conference was to initiate a conversation about data and the research required to enhance the social science evidence base around Indigenous wellbeing and socioeconomic disadvantage, with particular reference to the 2008 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey (NATSIS).

Over the two days of the conference, papers were presented covering a wide range of topics including child development, crime and justice, culture, the customary economy, demography, education, employment, fertility, health, housing, income and financial stress, mobility, poverty, social exclusion, substance abuse and, last but not least, wellbeing.

Many of these presentations are available below as MP3 podcast recordings with slides and other relevant documents.

Conference Presentations

Date Topic By Downloads
11 Apr 11 The Power of Data in Aboriginal Hands Mick Dodson Peter Yu Peter Yu - The Power of Data in Aboriginal Hands, The Power of Data in Aboriginal Hands.mp3
11 Apr 11 View from the ‘Northeast’: Indigenous statistical collections in the United States C. Matthew Snipp Snipp - View from the ‘Northeast’
11 Apr 11 Current ABS framework for analysis of microdata Justine Boland Boland - ABS Microdata, Boland_ABS_Microdata.mp3
11 Apr 11 Mobile people, mobile measures: Limitations and opportunities for mobility analysis using the NATSISS 2008 John Taylor Martin Bell Limitations and opportunities for mobility analysis.mp3, Taylor & Bell - Mobility Analysis
11 Apr 11 Fertility and demography of Indigenous peoples in Australia: What can NATSISS 2008 tell us?
Anne Evans
Kim Johnstone
Evans_Johnstone_Fertility.mp3, Evans_Johnstone_Fertility
11 Apr 11 Indigenous Health in the 2008 NATSISS Nicholas Biddle Biddle Health, Biddle Health.mp3
11 Apr 11 Human capabilities and child development: Some inferences using the 2008 NATSISS
Carrington Shepherd
Stephen Zubrick
Sheppard_Zubrick_Child_development, Shepherd_Zubrick_Child_development.mp3
12 Apr 11 International perspectives on Indigenous development and poverty Harry Patrinos Patrinos - Indigenous Peoples, Poverty and Development, Patrinos_International.mp3, World Bank Indigenous Peoples Policy Brief
12 Apr 11 The benefits and determinants of Indigenous education Nicholas Biddle Biddle_Education_NATSIS, Dockery_Education_discussant, Biddle_Education.mp3
12 Apr 11 Statistics about the customary sector of the Indigenous economy: Survey, policy and political implications Jon Altman Nicholas Biddle Altman_Customary_Economy, Altman_Customary_Economy.mp3
12 Apr 11 Is Indigenous Poverty different from other poverty? Boyd Hunter Hunter_Indigenous_poverty, Hunter_Poverty.mp3
12 Apr 11 Cultural explanations for Indigenous violence: A second look at the NATSISS
Don Weatherburn
Lucy Snowball