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Working Papers

The CAEPR Working Paper Series (ISSN 1442-3871), often comprising papers of a more technical nature, are only published on the CAEPR web site.

The table below can be sorted by clicking on the No., or Title headings. Clicking on the paper's title will take you to a full description and the relevant document or link.

No.sort icon Title Author
1999/1 Three Nations, Not One: Indigenous and Other Australian Poverty Boyd Hunter
1999/2 Further investigations into Indigenous labour supply: what discourages discouraged workers? Boyd Hunter, Matthew Gray
1999/3 Dealing with alcohol in Alice Springs: an assessment of policy options and recommendations for action Maggie Brady, David Martin
1999/4 Aboriginal people in the Kakadu region: social indicators for impact assessment John Taylor
1999/5 Reforming the Northern Territory Land Rights Act’s financial framework into a more logical and more workable model Jon Altman, David Pollack
2000/6 Governance and service delivery for remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory: challenges and opportunities Neil Westbury, William Sanders
2000/7 What’s in it for Koories? Barwon Darling Alliance Credit Union and the delivery of financial and banking services in north-west New South Wales Neil Westbury
2000/8 The relative social and economic status of Indigenous people in Bourke, Brewarrina and Walgett Kate Ross, John Taylor
2001/9 Indigenous communities and business: Three perspectives, 1998–2000 Jon Altman
2001/10 Indigenous Australian arrest rates: Economic and social factors underlying the incidence and number of arrests Boyd Hunter
2001/11 Sensitivity of Australian income distributions to choice of equivalence scale: Exploring some parameters of Indigenous incomes Boyd Hunter, Steven Kennedy, Diane Smith
2002/12 Indigenous Australians and competition and consumer issues: A review of the literature and an annotated bibliography Jon Altman, Siobhan McDonnell, Sally Ward
2002/13 The rise of the CDEP scheme and changing factors underlying Indigenous employment Boyd Hunter
2002/14 Institutional factors underpinning Indigenous labour force participation: The role of the CDEP scheme and education Boyd Hunter
2002/15 Generating finance for Indigenous development: Economic realities and innovative options Jon Altman
2002/16 The spatial context of Indigenous service delivery John Taylor
2002/17 The potential use of tax incentives for Indigenous businesses on Indigenous land Owen Stanley
2002/18 Banking on Indigenous communities: Issues, options, and Australian and international best practice Siobhan McDonnell, Neil Westbury
2002/19 One size fits all?: The effect of equivalence scales on Indigenous and other Australian poverty Boyd Hunter, Steven Kennedy, Nicholas Biddle
2003/20 Caring for country and sustainable Indigenous development: Opportunities, constraints and innovation Jon Altman, Peter Whitehead
2003/21 Chasing the money story: An evaluation of the Tangentyere Bank Pilot Project and its relevance to Indigenous communities in central Australia Siobhan McDonnell
2003/22 Developing an Indigenous Arts Strategy for the Northern Territory: Issues paper for consultations Jon Altman
2003/23 A New Model of Inclusion? Centrelink's development of income support service delivery for remote Indigenous communities William Sanders
2004/24 Early Indigenous engagement with mining in the Pilbara: Lessons from a historical perspective Sarah Holcombe
2004/25 Socio-political perspectives on localism and regionalism in the Pintupi Luritja region of central Australia: Implications for service delivery and governance Sarah Holcombe
2004/26 Indigenous household structures and ABS definitions of the family: What happens when systems collide, and does it matter? Frances Morphy
2005/27 The Djelk Ranger Program: An Outsider’s Perspective Michelle Cochrane
2005/28 The Opportunity Costs of the Status Quo in the Thamarrurr Region John Taylor, Owen Stanley
2005/29 Researching Australian Indigenous Governance: A Methodological and Conceptual Framework Diane Smith
2005/30 ‘You got any Truck?’ Vehicles and decentralised mobile service-provision in remote Indigenous Australia Bill Fogarty
2006/31 Building Indigenous community governance in Australia: Preliminary research findings Janet Hunt, Diane Smith
2006/32 Factors associated with internal migration: A comparison between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians Nicholas Biddle, Boyd Hunter
2006/33 Indigenous peoples and indicators of well-being: An Australian perspective on UNPFII Global Frameworks John Taylor
2006/34 In Search of an Outstations Policy for Indigenous Australians Jon Altman
2006/35 Indigenous people in the West Kimberley labour market John Taylor
2007/36 Indigenous Community Governance Project: Year two research findings Janet Hunt, Diane Smith
2007/37 Indigenous property rights in commercial fisheries: Canada, New Zealand and Australia compared Melanie Durette
2008/38 Equality and difference arguments in Australian Indigenous affairs: Examples from income support and housing William Sanders
2008/39 Indigenous Labour Supply Constraints in the West Kimberley John Taylor
2008/40 Interactions between crime and fertility in the labour supply of Indigenous Australian women Boyd Hunter, Anne Daly
2008/41 The entangled relationship between Indigenous spatiality and government service delivery Sarah Prout
2008/42 Indigenous legal rights to freshwater: Australia in the international context Melanie Durette
2008/43 Locations of Indigenous Population Change: What Can We Say? John Taylor, Nicholas Biddle
2008/44 Indigenous welfare reform in the Northern Territory and Cape York: A comparative analysis Jon Altman, Melissa Johns
2008/45 A regional analysis of Indigenous participation in the Western Australian labour market Nicholas Biddle, John Taylor
2008/46 Fresh water in the Maningrida region’s hybrid economy: Intercultural contestation over values and property rights Jon Altman, Virginie Branchut
2008/47 The scale and composition of Indigenous housing need, 2001–06 Nicholas Biddle
2008/48 On the move? Indigenous temporary mobility practices in Australia Sarah Prout
2008/49 Ord Stage 2 and the Socioeconomic Status of Indigenous People in the East Kimberley Region John Taylor
2009/50 Ranking regions: Revisiting an index of relative Indigenous socioeconomic outcomes Nicholas Biddle
2009/51 Some reflections on the quality of administrative data for Indigenous Australians: The importance of knowing something about the unknown(s) Boyd Hunter, Aarthi Ayyar
2009/52 Towards a gender-related index for Indigenous Australians Mandy Yap, Nicholas Biddle
2009/53 Location and segregation: The distribution of the Indigenous population across Australia’s urban centres Nicholas Biddle
2009/54 Beyond Closing the Gap: Valuing diversity in Indigenous Australia Jon Altman
2009/55 Indigenous temporary mobility: An analysis of the 2006 Census snapshot Nicholas Biddle, Sarah Prout
2009/56 Indigenous population projections, 2006–31: Planning for growth Nicholas Biddle, John Taylor
2009/57 Commercial Water and Indigenous Australians: A Scoping Study of Licence Allocations Jon Altman, Bill Arthur
2009/58 The geography and demography of Indigenous migration: Insights for policy and planning Nicholas Biddle
2009/59 Catching Kordbolbok: From Frog Survey to Closing the Gap in Arnhem Land Emilie Ens,
G. Vallance
S. Namundja
V. Garlngarr
B. Gurwalwal
P. Cooke
K. McKenzie
2009/60 Social benefits of Aboriginal engagement in Natural Resource management Janet Hunt, Jon Altman, Katherine May
2009/61 Location or qualifications? Revisiting Indigenous employment through an analysis of census place-of-work data Nicholas Biddle
2010/62 Knowledge foundations for the development of sustainable wildlife enterprises in remote Indigenous communities of Australia Adrian Fordham, Bill Fogarty,
Corey B.
D. Fordham
2010/63 The viability of wildlife enterprises in remote Indigenous communities of Australia: A case study Adrian Fordham, Bill Fogarty, D. Fordham
2010/64 Demography as destiny: Schooling, work and Aboriginal population change at Wadeye John Taylor
2010/65 Indigenous cultural and natural resource management and the emerging role of the Working on Country program Katherine May
2010/66 Indigenous temporary mobilities and service delivery in regional service centres: A West Kimberley case study Sarah Prout, Mandy Yap
2010/67 A human capital approach to the educational marginalisation of Indigenous Australians Nicholas Biddle
2010/68 Generational change, learning and remote Australian Indigenous youth Inge Kral
2010/69 Plugged in: Remote Australian Indigenous Youth and Digital Culture Inge Kral
2010/70 Population, people and place: The Fitzroy Valley Population Project Frances Morphy
2010/71 Partnerships for Indigenous development: International development NGOs, Aboriginal organisations and communities Janet Hunt
2010/72 Working Future: A critique of policy by numbers William Sanders
2010/73 Developing Measures of Population Mobility Amongst Indigenous Primary School Students Sarah Prout
2010/74 Corporate Initiatives In Indigenous Employment: The Australian Employment Covenant Two Years On Kirrily Jordan, Dante Mavec
2010/75 Looking After Country in New South Wales: Two Case Studies of Socioeconomic Benefits for Aboriginal People Janet Hunt
2011/76 Alice Springs’ Unrepresentative Council: Cause for Intervention? William Sanders
2011/77 An Exploratory Analysis of the Longitudinal Survey of Indigenous Children Nicholas Biddle
2011/78 Work, Welfare and CDEP on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands: First stage assessment Kirrily Jordan
2011/79 Changing Scale, Mixing Interests: Generational Change in Northern Territory Local Government William Sanders
2012/80 Indigenous Education: Experiential Learning and Learning through Country Bill Fogarty, Jerry Schwab
2012/81 Determinants of Indigenous Labour Supply Following a Period of Strong Economic Growth Boyd Hunter, Matthew Gray
2012/82 Statistics for Community Governance: The Yawuru Indigenous Population Survey of Broome John Taylor, Bruce Doran,
Maria Parriman
Eunice Yu
2012/83 Higher education and the growth of Indigenous participation in professional and managerial occupations John Taylor, Matthew Gray, Boyd Hunter, Mandy Yap, Julie Lahn
2012/84 Continuity and change in the CDEP Scheme Boyd Hunter, Matthew Gray
2012/85 Indigenous youth engagement in natural resource management in Australia and North America: A review Adrian Fordham, Jerry Schwab
2012/86 Community development for sustainable early childhood care and development programs: A World Vision Australia and Central Land Council partnership Janet Hunt
2012/87 Population change in Port Augusta: Challenges and implications for the COAG Urban and Regional Strategy John Taylor, Neil Westbury
2013/88 New directions in Indigenous service population estimation Francis Markham, Jess Bath, John Taylor, Bruce Doran
2013/89 Aboriginal professionals: Work, class and culture Julie Lahn
2013/90 Looking after country in New South Wales: Implementing a Land & Sea Country Plan on the far south coast Janet Hunt
2013/91 Recent growth in Indigenous self-employed and entrepreneurs Boyd Hunter
2014/92 Income, work and education: Insights for closing the gap in urban Australia Boyd Hunter, Mandy Yap
2014/93 The economic impact of the mining boom on Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians Boyd Hunter, Monica Howlett, Matthew Gray
2014/94 Developing a Behavioural Model of School Attendance: Policy Implications for Indigenous Children and Youth Nicholas Biddle
2014/95 Indigenous employment and businesses: Whose business is it to employ Indigenous workers? Boyd Hunter
2014/96 Engaging Indigenous economy: A selected annotated bibliography of Jon Altman’s writings 1979‒2014 Annick Thomassin, Rose Butler
2015/97 A survey of Remote Jobs and Communities Program(me) providers: one year in Lisa Fowkes, William Sanders
2015/99 Unpacking the income of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians: Wages, government payments and other income Monica Howlett, Matthew Gray, Boyd Hunter
2015/100 Business-related studies and Indigenous Australian students
Boyd Hunter
Peter Radoll
Jerry Schwab
Heather Crawford
Nicholas Biddle
Matthew Gray
2015/101 Indigenous wellbeing in Australia: Evidence from HILDA Matthew Manning,
Christopher L. Ambrey
Christopher M. Fleming
2015/102 A critical review of the capability approach in Australian Indigenous policy Elise Klein
2015/103 The relationship between early childhood education and care (ECEC) and the outcomes of Indigenous children: evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC) Nicholas Biddle, L. Arcos Holzinger
2016/104 The ins and outs of the labour market: Employment and labour force transitions for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians Boyd Hunter, Matthew Gray
2016/105 Who Cares and does it matter for the labour market? A longitudinal analysis of the labour force status of Indigenous and non-Indigenous carers Boyd Hunter, Matthew Gray, Heather Crawford
2016/106 The gendered nature of Indigenous education participation and attainment Nicholas Biddle, Anneke Meehl
2016/107 Translating Aboriginal Land Rights into Development Outcomes: Factors Contributing to a Successful Program in Central Australia Janet Hunt, Danielle Campbell
2016/108 Financial penalties under the Remote Jobs and Communities Program Lisa Fowkes, William Sanders
2016/109 Let’s talk about success: exploring factors behind positive change in Aboriginal communities Janet Hunt
2016/110 Understanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employee decisions to exit the Australian Public Service Nicholas Biddle, Julie Lahn
2016/111 Income Management Evaluations - What do we now know? Placing the findings of the evaluation of new income management in the Northern Territory incontext Rob Bray
2016/112 Impact on social security penalties of increased remote Work for the Dole requirements Lisa Fowkes
2017/113 Changing associations of selected social determinants with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health & wellbeing, 2002 to 2012-13 Heather Crawford, Nicholas Biddle
2017/114 Vocational Education Participation and Attainment Among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: Trends 2002-2015 and Employment Outcomes Heather Crawford, Nicholas Biddle
2017/115 Community functioning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: analysis using the 2014–15 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey Nicholas Biddle
2017/116 The comparative wellbeing of the New Zealand Māori and Indigenous Australian populations since 2000 Matthew Gray, Boyd Hunter
2017/117 Indigenous participation in arts and cultural expression, and the relationship with wellbeing:results from the 2014-15 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey Nicholas Biddle, Heather Crawford
2017/118 Occupational Mobility of Indigenous and other Australians, 2006-11 Boyd Hunter, Matthew Gray
2017/119 The Characteristics and Potential Effects of the Schools that Indigenous Australians Attend Nicholas Biddle, Ben Edwards
2017/120 Dynamics of the digital divide Peter Radoll, Boyd Hunter