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The Australian National University

Discussion Papers

The CAEPR Discussion Paper series (ISSN 1036-1774) ran from 1991 to 2009 and was reintroduced in July 2014 with Discussion Paper No. 290. All Discussion Papers are internally and externally refereed.

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No.sort icon Title Author
1997/142 The explosion of aboriginality: components of Indigenous population growth 1991-96 Alan Gray
1997/141 Opportunities and problems astride the welfare/work divide: the CDEP scheme in Australian social policy William Sanders
1997/140 The future shape of AUSTUDY: Practical and policy implications of the recent proposed changes Jerry Schwab, Shirley Campbell
1997/139 The right to negotiate and the miner's right: a case study of native title future act processes in Queensland Julie Finlayson
1997/138 Indigenous TAFE graduates: patterns and implications Jerry Schwab
1997/137 A profile of Indigenous workers in the private sector John Taylor, Boyd Hunter
1997/136 The interrelationships between arrest and employment: more evidence on the social determinants of Indigenous employment Boyd Hunter, Jeff Borland
1997/135 Utilisation of native wildlife by Indigenous Australians: Commercial considerations Jon Altman, Linda Roach, Lynette Liddle
1997/134 Indigenous sole parent families: Invisible and disadvantaged Anne Daly, Diane Smith
1997/133 Service provision and service providers in a remote Queensland community Julie Finlayson
1997/132 A Torres Strait Islanders Commission? Possibilities and issues William Sanders, Bill Arthur
1997/131 Post-compulsory education and training for Indigenous Australians Jerry Schwab
1997/130 The potential impact of the Workplace Relations and other Legislation Amendment Act 1996 on Indigenous employees Boyd Hunter
1997/129 Native Title Representative Bodies: The challenge of strategic planning Julie Finlayson
1997/128 The opportunity costs of future Indigenous labour force status John Taylor
1997/127 Indigenous poverty since the Henderson Report Jon Altman, Boyd Hunter
1996/126 Aboriginal economic development and land rights in the Northern Territory: Past performance, current issues and strategic options Jon Altman
1996/125 Native title and the petroleum industry: Recent developments, options, risks and strategic choices Jon Altman
1996/124 The right to negotiate and native title future acts: implications of the Native Title Amendment Bill 199 Diane Smith
1996/123 Estimating the social rate of return to education for Indigenous Australians Raja Jununkar, Jin Liu
1996/122 Indigenous participation in higher education: culture, choice and human capital theory Jerry Schwab
1996/121 Towards greater autonomy for Torres Strait: Political and economic dimensions Jon Altman, William Sanders, Bill Arthur
1996/120 Community involvement in education: an exploration of American Indian education policy and implications for Australia Jerry Schwab
1996/119 Indigenous labour force status to the year 2000: Estimated impacts of recent Budget cuts Boyd Hunter, John Taylor
1996/118 Short-term Indigenous population mobility and service delivery John Taylor
1996/117 Aboriginal health and institutional reform within Australian federalism Ian Anderson, William Sanders
1996/116 Linking accountability and self-determination in Aboriginal organisations David Martin, Julie Finlayson
1996/115 The determinants of Indigenous employment outcomes: The importance of education and training Boyd Hunter
1996/114 CDEP as urban enterprise: The case of Yarnteen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation, Newcastle Diane Smith
1996/113 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development Corporation: A new approach to enterprise? Bill Arthur