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Discussion Papers

The CAEPR Discussion Paper series (ISSN 1036-1774) ran from 1991 to 2009 and was reintroduced in July 2014 with Discussion Paper No. 290. All Discussion Papers are internally and externally refereed.

Clicking on the paper's title below will take you to a full description and the relevant document or link. The table can also be sorted alphabetically by title.

No.sort icon Title Author
1998/172 The relative economic status of Indigenous people in Queensland John Taylor
1998/171 Indigenous participation in health sciences education: recent trends in the higher education sector Jerry Schwab, Ian Anderson
1998/170 A critical survey of Indigenous education outcomes, 1986-96 Matthew Gray, Boyd Hunter, Jerry Schwab
1998/169 The Indigenous Land Corporation: a new approach to land acquisition and land management? Jon Altman, David Pollack
1998/168 Financial aspects of Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory Jon Altman, David Pollack
1998/167 New and emerging challenges for Native Title Representative Bodies Julie Finlayson
1998/166 Parentage and Indigenous population change Alan Gray
1998/165 Homelands and resource agencies since the Blanchard Report: a review of the literature and an annotated bibliography Richard Davis, Bill Arthur
1998/164 The relative labour force status of Indigenous people, 1986-96: A cohort analysis Boyd Hunter, Matthew Gray
1998/163 Indigenous land use agreements: The opportunities, challenges and policy implications of the amended Native Title Act Diane Smith
1998/162 The supply of alcohol in remote Aboriginal communities: potential policy directions from Cape York David Martin
1998/161 Educational 'failure' and educational 'success' in an Aboriginal community Jerry Schwab
1998/160 The determinants of Indigenous educational outcomes Boyd Hunter, Jerry Schwab
1998/159 Labour market incentives among Indigenous Australians: the cost of job loss versus the gains from employment Boyd Hunter, Anne Daly
1998/158 The relative economic status of Indigenous people in Tasmania, 1991 and 1996 John Taylor
1998/157 The relative economic status of Indigenous people in Western Australia, 1991-96 John Taylor
1998/156 The relative economic status of Indigenous people in the Northern Territory, 1991-96 John Taylor, Linda Roach
1998/155 Estimating intercensal Indigenous employment change, 1991-96 John Taylor, Martin Bell
1998/154 Assessing the utility of 1996 Census data on Indigenous Australians Boyd Hunter
1998/153 The continuing disadvantage of Indigenous sole parents: a preliminary analysis of 1996 Census data Anne Daly, Diane Smith
1998/152 Native title compensation: historic and policy perspectives for an effective and fair regime Jon Altman, David Pollack
1998/151 Access to government programs and services for mainland Torres Strait Islanders Bill Arthur
1997/150 Growth of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population, 1991-2001 and beyond Alan Gray
1997/149 How does (and should) DSS treat CDEP participants? (What are these allegations of racial discrimination?) William Sanders
1997/148 The CDEP scheme in a new policy environment: Options for change? Jon Altman
1997/147 Towards a comprehensive regional agreement: Torres Strait Bill Arthur
1997/146 Regional agreements and localism: A case study from Cape York Peninsula David Martin
1997/145 Indigenous heritage protection, native title and regional agreements Julie Finlayson
1997/144 The Native Title Amendment Bill 1997: A different order of uncertainty? Jennifer Clarke
1997/143 Changing numbers, changing needs? A preliminary assessment of Indigenous population growth, 1991-96 John Taylor

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