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The Australian National University

Discussion Papers

The CAEPR Discussion Paper series (ISSN 1036-1774) ran from 1991 to 2009 and was reintroduced in July 2014 with Discussion Paper No. 290. All Discussion Papers are internally and externally refereed.

Clicking on the paper's title below will take you to a full description and the relevant document or link. The table can also be sorted alphabetically by title.

No.sort icon Title Author
2002/232 Autonomy and the Community Development Employment Projects scheme Bill Arthur
2002/231 Population futures in the Australian desert, 2001-2016 John Taylor
2002/230 Towards an Indigenous order of Australian government: Rethinking self-determination as Indigenous affairs policy William Sanders
2002/229 Three years on: Indigenous families and the welfare system, the Kuranda community case study Rosita Henry, Diane Smith
2002/228 Urban CDEPs as Indigenous Employment Centres: Policy and community implications Mark Champion
2002/227 The Indigenous population of Cape York Peninsula, 2001-2016 John Taylor, Martin Bell
2001/226 Sustainable development options on Aboriginal land: The hybrid economy in the twenty-first century Jon Altman
2001/225 Building Indigenous learning communities Jerry Schwab, Dale Sutherland
2001/224 A regional CDEP for four remote communities? Papunya, Ikuntji, Watiyawanu and Walungurru William Sanders
2001/223 Community Participation Agreements: A model for welfare reform from community-based research Diane Smith
2001/222 Valuing native title: Aboriginal, statutory and policy discourses about compensation Diane Smith
2001/221 Indigenous land in Australia: A quantitative assessment of Indigenous landholdings in 2000 David Pollack
2001/220 Indigenous autonomy in Australia: Some concepts, issues and examples Bill Arthur
2001/219 Implications of developments in telecommunications for Indigenous people in remote and rural Australia Anne Daly
2001/218 Giving credit where it's due: The delivery of banking and financial services to Indigenous Australians in rural and remote areas Siobhan McDonnell, Neil Westbury
2001/217 Indigenous families and the welfare system: The Yuendumu community case study, Stage Two Yasmine Musharbash
2001/216 Indigenous families and the welfare system: The Kuranda community case study, Stage Two Rosita Henry, Anne Daly
2001/215 Autonomy rights in Torres Strait: From whom, for whom, for or over what? William Sanders, Bill Arthur
2001/214 Indigenous data from the ABS Labour Force Survey: What can they tell us? John Taylor, Boyd Hunter
2001/213 Is welfare dependency 'welfare poison'? An assessment of Noel Pearson's proposals for Aboriginal welfare reform David Martin
2001/212 Indigenous Australians and the rules of the social security system: Universalism, apppropriateness, and justice William Sanders
2001/211 Anangu population dynamics and future growth in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park John Taylor
2000/210 'If it wasn't for CDEP': A case study of Worn Gundidj CDEP, Victoria Raymond Madden
2000/209 The CDEP in town and country Arnhem Land: Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation Jon Altman, Victoria Johnson
2000/208 A case study of the Bungala CDEP: Economic and social impacts Matthew Gray, Elaine Thacker
2000/207 Education, training and careers: Young Torres Strait Islanders, 1999 Bill Arthur, Josephine David-Petero
2000/206 Career aspirations and orientation to work: Young Torres Strait Islanders, 1999 Bill Arthur, Josephine David-Petero
2000/205 Job-searching and careers: Young Torres Strait Islanders, 1999 Bill Arthur, Josephine David-Petero
2000/204 Social exclusion, social capital, and Indigenous Australians: Measuring the social costs of unemployment Boyd Hunter
2000/203 Surveying mobile populations: Lessons from recent longitudinal surveys of Indigenous Australians Boyd Hunter, Diane Smith