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Discussion Papers

The CAEPR Discussion Paper series (ISSN 1036-1774) ran from 1991 to 2009 and was reintroduced in July 2014 with Discussion Paper No. 290. All Discussion Papers are internally and externally refereed.

Clicking on the paper's title below will take you to a full description and the relevant document or link. The table can also be sorted alphabetically by title.

No.sort icon Title Author
2004/262 Thinking about Indigenous Community Governance William Sanders
2004/261 Taming the social capital Hydra? Indigenous poverty, social capital theory and measurement Boyd Hunter
2004/260 Indigenous people in the Alice Springs town camps: The 2001 Census data William Sanders
2004/259 Careers and aspirations: Young Torres Strait Islanders, 1999-2003 Bill Arthur, John Hughes, Elizah Wasaga
2003/258 An Indigenous school and learning community in the ACT? Opportunity, context and rationale Dale Sutherland
2003/257 The realities of Indigenous adult literacy acquisition and practice: Implications for capacity development in remote communities Inge Kral, Jerry Schwab
2003/256 Developing a land and resource management framework for Kaanju homelands, Central Cape York Peninsula Benjamin Smith, David Claudie
2003/255 Torres Strait Islanders in the 2001 Census Bill Arthur
2003/254 Monitoring 'practical' reconciliation: Evidence from the reconciliation decade, 1991-2001 Jon Altman, Boyd Hunter
2003/253 Reproducing exclusion or inclusion? Implications for the wellbeing of Indigenous Australian children Anne Daly, Diane Smith
2003/252 Participation and representation in the 2002 ATSIC elections William Sanders
2003/251 The future of Indigenous work: Forecasts of labour force status to 2011 Boyd Hunter, Yohannes Kinfu, John Taylor
2003/250 Governance for sustainable development: Strategic issues and principles for Indigenous Australian communities Mick Dodson, Diane Smith
2003/249 Practical reconciliation and recent trends in Indigenous education Boyd Hunter, Jerry Schwab
2003/248 Rethinking the design of indigenous organisations: The need for strategic engagement David Martin
2003/247 Innovative institutional design for sustainable wildlife management in the Indigenous-owned savanna Jon Altman, Michelle Cochrane
2003/246 Indigenous economic futures in the Northern Territory: The demographic and socioeconomic background John Taylor
2003/245 The Tasmanian electoral roll trial in the 2002 ATSIC elections William Sanders
2003/244 Creating a sense of 'closure': Providing confidence intervals on some recent estimates of Indigenous populations Boyd Hunter, Mardi Dungey
2003/243 Options for benchmarking ABS population estimates for Indigenous communities in Queensland John Taylor, Martin Bell
2002/242 Philanthropy, non-government organisations and Indigenous development Jerry Schwab, Dale Sutherland
2002/241 Reforming Indigenous welfare policy: Salutary lessons and future challenges for Australia from the US experience Anne Daly, Diane Smith
2002/240 Estimating the components of Indigenous population change, 1996-2001 Yohannes Kinfu, John Taylor
2002/239 Welfare and the domestic economy of Indigenous families: Policy implications from a longitudinal survey