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The Australian National University

Discussion Papers

The CAEPR Discussion Paper series (ISSN 1036-1774) ran from 1991 to 2009 and was reintroduced in July 2014 with Discussion Paper No. 290. All Discussion Papers are internally and externally refereed.

Clicking on the paper's title below will take you to a full description and the relevant document or link. The table can also be sorted alphabetically by title.

No.sort icon Title Author
2014/291 Experimental governance in Australian Indigenous affairs: From Coombs to Pearson via Rowse and the competing principles William Sanders
2014/290 Lessons from a History of Beer Canteens and Licensed Clubs in Indigenous Australian Communities Maggie Brady
2009/289 Ideology, Evidence and Competing Principles in Australian Indigenous Affairs: From Brough to Rudd via Pearson and the NTER William Sanders
2008/288 Indigenous Participation in Regional Labour Markets, 2001-06 Nicholas Biddle, John Taylor, Mandy Yap
2008/287 How realistic are the prospects for 'closing the gaps' in socioeconomic outcomes for Indigenous Australians? Jon Altman, Nicholas Biddle, Boyd Hunter
2007/286 The environmental significance of the Indigenous estate: Natural resource management as economic development in remote Australia Jon Altman, Geoff Buchanan, Libby Larsen
2006/285 Local governments and Indigenous interests in Australia’s Northern Territory William Sanders
2006/284 Mãori land and development finance Craig Linkhorn
2006/283 Population and diversity: Policy implications of emerging Indigenous demographic trends John Taylor
2006/282 Views from the top of the ‘quiet revolution’: Secretarial perspectives on the new arrangements in Indigenous affairs Bill Gray, William Sanders
2006/281 Kids, skidoos and caribou: The Junior Canadian Ranger program as a model for re-engaging Indigenous Australian youth in remote areas Jerry Schwab
2006/280 Being a good senior manager in Indigenous community governance: Working with public purpose and private benefit William Sanders
2006/279 Indigenous Australian entrepreneurs: Not all community organisations, not all in the outback Dennis Foley
2005/278 Capacity development in the international development context: Implications for Indigenous Australia Janet Hunt
2005/277 Tracking change in the relative economic status of Indigenous people in New South Wales John Taylor
2005/276 Land rights and development reform in remote Australia Jon Altman, Craig Linkhorn, Jennifer Clarke
2005/275 Housing tenure and Indigenous Australians in remote and settled areas William Sanders
2005/274 Indigenous Job Search Success Matthew Gray, Boyd Hunter
2005/273 Bridging the digital divide: The role of community online access centres in Indigenous communities Anne Daly
2005/272 The economic value of wild resources to the Indigenous community of the Wallis Lake catchment Matthew Gray, Jon Altman, Natane Halasz
2005/271 Policy issues for the Community Development Employment Projects scheme in rural and remote Australia Jon Altman, Matthew Gray, Robert Levitus
2004/270 A profit-related investment scheme for the Indigenous estate Jon Altman, Michael Dillon
2004/269 Regulating social problems: The pokies, the Productivity Commission and an Aboriginal community Maggie Brady