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Census papers

Indigenous Population Project: 2011 Census Papers

In July 2012, the Australian Bureau of Statistics began releasing data from the 2011 Census of Population and Housing. One of the more important results contained in the release was the fact that the number of people who identified as being Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) had increased by 20.5 per cent since the 2006 Census. There were also significant changes in the characteristics of the Indigenous population across a number of key variables like language spoken at home, housing, education and other socioeconomic variables. In this series, authors from the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) document the changing composition and distribution of a range of Indigenous outcomes. The analysis in the series was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) through the Strategic Research Project as well as FaHCSIA and State/Territory governments through the Indigenous Populations Project.

The opinions expressed in the papers in this series are those of the authors alone and should not be attributed to FaHCSIA or any other government departments.

No.sort icon Title Authors
2012 1 Indigenous Language Usage Nicholas Biddle
2012 2 Indigenous Fertility and Family Formation Mandy Yap Nicholas Biddle
2012 3 Indigenous Housing Need Nicholas Biddle
2012 4 Unpaid Work, Unpaid Care, Unpaid Assistance and Volunteering Mandy Yap Nicholas Biddle
2012 5 Population and Age Structure Nicholas Biddle
2013 6 Disability Nicholas Biddle Mandy Yap Matthew Gray
2013 7 Education Part 1: Early Childhood Education Nicholas Biddle Jess Bath
2013 8 Education Part 2: School Education Nicholas Biddle
2013 9 Mobility Nicholas Biddle Francis Markham
2013 10 Labour Market Outcomes Matthew Gray Monica Howlett Boyd Hunter
2013 11 Income Nicholas Biddle
2013 12 Regional Centres Nicholas Biddle Francis Markham
2013 13 Socioeconomic Outcomes Nicholas Biddle
2013 14 Population Projections Nicholas Biddle
2013 15 Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Marriage Partnerships Nicholas Biddle
2013 16 Residential Segregation: Income and Housing Dimensions Nicholas Biddle
2015 17 Education Part 3: Tertiary education Heather Crawford Nicholas Biddle
2015 18 The changing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population: Evidence from the 2006–11 Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset Nicholas Biddle Heather Crawford