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The Australian National University


CAEPR Seminars

No. Title Author(s)
Regional change in the Indigenous population: Early results from the 2006 Census Nicholas Biddle, John Taylor, Mandy Yap

Discussion Papers

No. Title Author(s)
288/2008 Indigenous Participation in Regional Labour Markets, 2001-06 Nicholas Biddle, John Taylor, Mandy Yap
283/2006 Population and diversity: Policy implications of emerging Indigenous demographic trends John Taylor

Working Papers

No. Title Author(s)
73/2010 Developing Measures of Population Mobility Amongst Indigenous Primary School Students Sarah Prout
67/2010 A human capital approach to the educational marginalisation of Indigenous Australians Nicholas Biddle
66/2010 Indigenous temporary mobilities and service delivery in regional service centres: A West Kimberley case study Sarah Prout, Mandy Yap
64/2010 Demography as destiny: Schooling, work and Aboriginal population change at Wadeye John Taylor
61/2009 Location or qualifications? Revisiting Indigenous employment through an analysis of census place-of-work data Nicholas Biddle
58/2009 The geography and demography of Indigenous migration: Insights for policy and planning Nicholas Biddle
56/2009 Indigenous population projections, 2006–31: Planning for growth Nicholas Biddle, John Taylor
55/2009 Indigenous temporary mobility: An analysis of the 2006 Census snapshot Nicholas Biddle, Sarah Prout
53/2009 Location and segregation: The distribution of the Indigenous population across Australia’s urban centres Nicholas Biddle
52/2009 Towards a gender-related index for Indigenous Australians Mandy Yap, Nicholas Biddle
50/2009 Ranking regions: Revisiting an index of relative Indigenous socioeconomic outcomes Nicholas Biddle
49/2008 Ord Stage 2 and the Socioeconomic Status of Indigenous People in the East Kimberley Region John Taylor
48/2008 On the move? Indigenous temporary mobility practices in Australia Sarah Prout