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The Australian National University

Measures of Indigenous wellbeing and their determinants across the lifecourse

2011 CAEPR Online Lecture Series

Dr Nicholas Biddle


Series overview

Beginning in October 2010, Commonwealth and State governments funded CAEPR to undertake a detailed analysis of the 2008 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey (NATSISS). The aim of this lecture series is to summarise the evidence on Indigenous wellbeing, with a particular focus being an examination of the variation in measures of wellbeing across the lifecourse. The series will suit students and policy makers working on or researching Indigenous issues, as well as academics with an interest in Indigenous wellbeing.

The 13-part lecture series ran from February to June 2011. Each lecture is available on this website as a PDF document (with presentation slides and embedded audio), along with an accompanying short formal paper addressing the lecture's subject.

Click on the links below to access series documents and lectures.

Lecture Overview

PART A: Introduction and overview  

 Lecture 1
 3 February 2011
Definitions of wellbeing and their applicability to
Indigenous policy in Australia

 Lecture 2
 3 February 2011
Measuring and analysing wellbeing
 PART B: Individual measures of wellbeing — Healthy people
 Lecture 3
 17 February 2011 Physical and mental health
 Lecture 4
 10 March 2011
Skills and learning
 Lecture 5
 10 March 2011
Income, work and Indigenous livelihoods
 Lecture 6
 31 Mar