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The Australian National University

Research team

The People on Country research team all work at CAEPR, ANU in Canberra. Their work is in association with land and sea management groups in the Top End.

Jon Altman

Jon is an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow and a former Director of CAEPR. He first worked in central Arnhem Land in 1979-81 and has maintained vibrant and diverse research relations with this region for nearly 30 years. He has also undertaken field research in north Queensland, the Torres Strait, the Kimberleys and Central Australia. Jon's research interests are wide and include: Sustainable economic development and associated policy issues for Indigenous Australia; the economic engagement of Indigenous people with the Australian and global economies; sustainable commercial utilisation of wildlife and fisheries; and the Indigenous customary economy and its articulations with the market; land rights, native title and Indigenous land management.

Jon is presently working on a five year Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow project, 'Hybrid economic futures for remote Indigenous Australia: Linking poverty reduction and natural resource management' that is closely linked to the People on Country project.

Sean Kerins

Sean came to CAEPR at the end of 2007 to work on the People on Country project. For the last 5 years Sean worked at the Northern Land Council in Darwin. He was the Executive Officer of the Caring for Country Unit, assisting land and sea management groups in the NLC region develop land and sea management plans, secure funding and training opportunities and lobbying government to i