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Topical Issues

No. Title Author(s)
9/2011 Indigenous Cultural and Natural Resource Management Futures
Jon Altman
Seán Kerins
Janet Hunt
Emilie Ens
Katherine May
Susie Russell
Bill Fogarty
6/2011 Wild rivers and Indigenous economic development In Queensland Jon Altman
6/2010 Indigenous Economic Development through Community-Based Enterprise Seán Kerins, Kirrily Jordan
3/2010 Income Management and the Rights of Indigenous Australians to Equity Jon Altman
2/2010 Wild Rivers and Informed Consent on Cape York Jon Altman
1/2010 The Future of Outstations/Homelands Seán Kerins
9/2009 The First-Ever Northern Territory Homelands/ Outstations Policy Seán Kerins
8/2009 Submission to the Review of the National Biodiversity Strategy: Indigenous people's involvement in conserving Australia's biodiversity Jon Altman, Seán Kerins, Emilie Ens, Geoff Buchanan, Katherine May
7/2009 The Blue Mud Bay Case: Refractions through saltwater country Frances Morphy, Howard Morphy
5/2009 The untimely abolition of the Community Development Employment Program Jon Altman, Kirrily Jordan
4/2009 Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Inquiry into Community Stores in Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities Jon Altman, Kirrily Jordan
17/2008 Why the Northern Territory Government needs to support Outstations/Homelands in the Aboriginal, Northern Territory and National Interest Jon Altman, Seán Kerins, Bill Fogarty, Kate Webb
15/2008 Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport on Natural Resource Management and Conservation Challenges Jon Altman, Seán Kerins
14/2008 Submission to "Increasing Indigenous Economic Opportunity – A discussion paper on the future of the CDEP and Indigenous Employment Programs" Jon Altman
13/2008 Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Environment, Communications and the Arts inquiry into the operation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 Jon Altman, Seán Kerins
12/2008 Permits, private property, and cultural survival Frances Morphy, Howard Morphy
11/2008 Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Inquiry into developing Indigenous enterprises Jon Altman, Kirrily Jordan
10/2008 Submission to The Northern Territory Emergency Response Review Jon Altman
5/2008 Re-vitalising the Community Development Employment Program in the Northern Territory Jon Altman, William Sanders
3/2008 Impact of Climate Change on Indigenous Australians: Submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review Jon Altman, Kirrily Jordan
2/2008 Fresh Water in the Maningrida Region's Hybrid Economy: Intercultural Contestation over Values and Property Rights Jon Altman, Virginie Branchut
10/2007 Alleviating poverty in remote Indigenous Australia: The role of the hybrid economy Jon Altman

Discussion Papers

No. Title Author(s)
286/2007 The environmental significance of the Indigenous estate: Natural resource management as economic development in remote Australia Jon Altman, Geoff Buchanan, Libby Larsen
281/2006 Kids, skidoos and caribou: The Junior Canadian Ranger program as a model for re-engaging Indigenous Australian youth in remote areas Jerry Schwab

Working Papers

No. Title Author(s)
75/2010 Looking After Country in New South Wales: Two Case Studies of Socioeconomic Benefits for Aboriginal People Janet Hunt
66/2010 Indigenous temporary mobilities and service delivery in regional service centres: A West Kimberley case study Sarah Prout, Mandy Yap
65/2010 Indigenous cultural and natural resource management and the emerging role of the Working on Country program Katherine May
64/2010 Demography as destiny: Schooling, work and Aboriginal population change at Wadeye John Taylor
63/2010 The viability of wildlife enterprises in remote Indigenous communities of Australia: A case study Adrian Fordham, Bill Fogarty, D. Fordham
62/2010 Knowledge foundations for the development of sustainable wildlife enterprises in remote Indigenous communities of Australia Adrian Fordham, Bill Fogarty,
Corey B.
D. Fordham
60/2009 Social benefits of Aboriginal engagement in Natural Resource management Janet Hunt, Jon Altman, Katherine May
59/2009 Catching Kordbolbok: From Frog Survey to Closing the Gap in Arnhem Land Emilie Ens,
G. Vallance
S. Namundja
V. Garlngarr
B. Gurwalwal
P. Cooke
K. McKenzie
46/2008 Fresh water in the Maningrida region’s hybrid economy: Intercultural contestation over values and property rights Jon Altman, Virginie Branchut
44/2008 Indigenous welfare reform in the Northern Territory and Cape York: A comparative analysis Jon Altman, Melissa Johns
42/2008 Indigenous legal rights to freshwater: Australia in the international context Melanie Durette
34/2006 In Search of an Outstations Policy for Indigenous Australians Jon Altman
30/2005 ‘You got any Truck?’ Vehicles and decentralised mobile service-provision in remote Indigenous Australia Bill Fogarty
27/2005 The Djelk Ranger Program: An Outsider’s Perspective Michelle Cochrane

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