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Project documents

16 Feb 12

Annual Report from Dhimurru detailing the Corporation's activities in Managing Country in 2010, including the multiple-award winning Bawa'mirri Galkal (Yellow Crazy Ant) Management Program.

16 Feb 12

Annual Report detailing the Yirralka Rangers 2010 activities in caring for country on the Yolgnu homelands and the Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected Area. (38 pages, 8.8 Meg)

20 Dec 11

Warddeken Land Management Limited Annual Report 2010-2011. This comprehensive report includes sections on the Warddeken team and their activities, fire abatement, weed infestation, feral animals, biodiversity, capacity building, and research collaborations.

[47 pages, 2.9 Meg PDF file]

02 Jun 11

The Hybrid Economy Topic Guide by Susie Russell. A resource exploring the hybrid economy model of economic practice, it provides an introductory guide to relevant literature, and surveys issues including cultural and natural resource management, overlapping economic sectors, art, the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP), ‘real economy’ critiques, hybrid institutions and interculturality, and critical engagements with the hybrid model. [43 pages, 2.0 Meg PDF file]

31 Jan 11

'Cybertracker® sequence development guide for the Yirralka Rangers' by Emile Ens.

31 Jan 11

'Collecting plants in the Warddeken IPA' by Mary Kalkiwarra, Seraine Namundja, Victor Garlngarr, Barbara Gurawalwal, Carissa Gurawalwal, Serena Namarnyilk, Jenny Nadjamerrek, Driscilla, Simone, Emilie Ens, Gill Towler, and Georgia Vallance. Field Report, February 2010.

31 Jan 11

'How to make and use a Womens Land Use CyberTracker sequence'

CyberTracker skill sharing workshop
Run by Emilie Ens (CAEPR, ANU) and the Manwurrk Rangers
Indigenous Women’s Land and Sea Management Forum, 1-3 June 2010, Ross River, Northern Territory, Australia

31 Jan 11

'Management Strategy for Feral Pigs (Sus scrofa) in the Laynhapuy Indigenous Protected Area, North East Arnhem Land, Australia, 2009-2011'

This plan was written by Emilie Ens and Seán Kerins from the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) at The Australian National University (ANU). It evolved through discussions with the following people: Gawirrin Gumana, Djambawa Marawili, Warralku Wunungmurra, Wesley Bandi Bandi, Banul Munyarryun, Wanyubi Marika, Yumutjin Wunungmurra, Yinimala Gumana, Dave Preece, Lisa Roeger, Daniel Barrow, David Farlam and Jon Altman.

13 Jan 11

Warddeken Land Management Limited Annual Report 2009-2010. The report includes sections on the Warddeken team, fire, weeds, ferals, biodiversity, capacity building, walking, the IPA Declaration, collaborations with CAEPR, data management, finances, and partners.

[35 pages, 7 Meg PDF file]

16 Sep 10

2009-2010 Annual Report from the Djelk Rangers, covering organisation and staff, partners and collaborators, the Djelk Indigenous Protected Area, land management, carbon abatement, future directions and other aspects of the organisation's activities.

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