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Indigenous Community Governance

Indigenous Community Governance

The Indigenous Community Governance Project (2004-2008) was a partnership between the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) and Reconciliation Australia, to undertake research on Indigenous community governance with participating Indigenous communities, regional Indigenous organisations, and leaders across Australia.

Year One Research Findings

'Building Indigenous community governance in Australia: Preliminary research findings', CAEPR Working Paper No. 31 / 2006, by Janet Hunt and Diane Smith. A preliminary research report from the first year of fieldwork conducted by the Indigenous Community Governance Project (ICGP).

Year Two Research Findings

Indigenous Community Governance Project: Year two research findings is the second research report by the ICGP. The Project explores the nature of Indigenous community governance in Australia—to understand what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

Further Key Insights , 2006

Indigenous Governance Research Monograph

Contested Governance: Culture, power and institutions in Indigenous Australia, CAEPR Research Monograph 29 / 2008, edited by Janet Hunt, Diane Smith, Stephanie Garling and William Sanders.

Indigenous Governance Toolkit

The Indigenous Governance Toolkit is an online resource developed by Reconciliation Australia and CAEPR to assist individuals, organisations, communities and enterprises in improving their governance. From the basics of governance like rules and regulations to examples of ideas that work from other organisations, the Toolkit aims to provide useful guidance and information.

ICGP Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography for the ICGP is a collection of recent and key literature on the broad field of governance, with a particular focus on Indigenous Community Governance.

Sharing Success Workbook

Reconciliation Australia's Sharing Success Governance Workbook is a valuable resource introducing Indigenous community governance concepts, examples of good practices, signs of problems and diagnostic checklists.

Indigenous Community Governance Papers

Topical Issue 2/2007
Author(s): William Sanders , Sarah Holcombe
Topical Issue 7/2004
Author(s): William Sanders