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The Australian National University

Bachelor of Philosophy (PhB) Symposium

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2017 PhB Symposium

25th August 2017, 5:00-7:00 PM
Sir Roland Wilson Building 
Conference Room (1.02), 120 McCoy Circuit, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 2600

The PhB Symposium at ANU is an exciting chance for the broader community to hear about the rewards of the PhB degree from the students themselves. Students give short presentations on research projects they’ve completed across the sciences, arts, and Asia-Pacific studies, showcasing the many opportunities offered in their PhB and their tertiary education.

The event is tailored toward potential undergraduates and those interested in studying at ANU, but anyone is welcome to take part from 5pm–7pm on Friday 25th August 2017 in the Sir Roland Wilson Building Conference Room (enter from McCoy Circuit door and head downstairs). The presentations should be finished by 6.30pm and some nibbles will be provided in the Foyer where students can talk to PhB students and staff.

Reserve a place by registering at Eventbrite (limited places available).

About the Bachelor of Philosophy (PhB)

The PhB program at ANU is one of the most prestigious and rewarding degrees across Australia. It offers unique opportunities to participate in genuine research at the undergraduate level. PhB students are required to complete several research projects throughout the degree, which often take place at the frontiers of the field with one-on-one guidance from experts. Currently the PhB covers the sciences, arts, and Asia-Pacific studies.

The four year PhB program is individual and flexible. Each year, PhB students work with a mentor to tailor a program that is stimulating, challenging, and often multidisciplinary. Students study individually tailored Advanced Studies courses to provide them with a strong base in research. In the degree’s final year, students undertake a research project under the guidance of an academic supervisor.

2017 PhB Symposium Program





Lachlan Arthur
(PhB Science)

Derailing the cancer train with the small-molecule inhibitor CX-5461


Hareesha Rangarajan
(PhB Science)

Fighting toxoplasmosis with CatCh


Mitchell Porter

What can maths tell us about democracy?


Aidan Myatt

Pivoted Away: Asia after America


Christopher Williams
(PhB Science)

Fractals and new Sierpinski triangles


Jessy Wu


Inside the Chinese Keyword sajiao: The Art of Feminine Persuasion


Timothy Hume
(PhB Science)

Perfect isolation: A study of vibration measurement and cancelation


Ella Xi Wang
(PhB Science)

Positron moderation and production in supernovae dust grains


Mia Sandgren

Mapping tourism potential on the Yawuru estate


Lucinda Janson

“My Poem’s Epic”: Don Juan, Epic and History


Matthew Flower
(PhB Science)

Taking ACTION on Safety


Daniel Lawson
(PhB Science)

Development of a Pulsed Neutron Beam to Measure the Quenching Factor of Scintillating Crystals


Harry Dalton

Digital investigations into Raynal and the Histoire des Deux Indes


Rosalind Moran (PhB CASS)

Voice: The Struggle to Keep Humanities Human

Click here to access Abstracts for the 2017 PhB Symposium


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