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Inge Kral, Research Fellow

PhD (Anthropology), Australian National University, 2007
Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics), University of Melbourne, 2000
Diploma of Education, Flinders University, 1983
Bachelor of Arts, Australian National University, 1982

Inge is a linguistic anthropologist with some thirty year’s experience in Indigenous education, languages and literacy. Prior to coming to the ANU in 2003, she was a teacher, teacher linguist, adult literacy educator and education consultant in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Inge’s research interests include community-based out of school learning and literacy; youth, digital media and new literacies; Australian Indigenous languages, literacy and new media; and school to work transitions.

Inge recently completed an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award DE120100720. 'Connecting, communicating and learning through new media: Indigenous youth and digital futures in remote Australia' (2012-2014) exploring changing communication and social interaction in the Western Desert and the impact of digital technologies and new media practices on the social, cultural and linguistic ecology.

Dr Inge Kral
(02) 6125 0481

Key publications

Current research

In June 2015 Inge will commence as CI (with CIs Professor Jane Simpson, ANU and Dr Jennifer Green, University of Melbourne) on an ARC Discovery Indigenous project IN150100018 Tjaa yuti: Western Desert speech styles and verbal arts led by Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis.

Getting in Touch: Language and digital inclusion in Australian Indigenous communities Project with Research Unit for Indigenous Language, University of Melbourne

Research team member with Dr Sumathi Renganathan Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia with the Semai community at Kampung Orang Asli, Bota, Parit, Perak Tengah. Co-researcher on 3 grants:

  • Exploring the Viability of Introducing a Community-based Educational Partnership to Improve Orang Asli Children's Educational Outcomes. (Exploratory Research Grant Scheme - research project funded by the Ministry of Higher Education). (2012-2014). Using digital media as a tool for literacy and language and culture maintenance with Orang Asli youth
  • I am not going to school!" Identifying and examining critical underlying issues to address Orang Asli children's high dropout rates and lack of academic achievements in schools. - UTP URIF (University Research Internal Fund) (2014 - 2016)
  • Investigating Community Level Influences for Successful Entrepreneurial Process: Towards developing an indigenous Entrepreneurship Education and Training Model for the Orang Asli Community - FRGS Grant from the Malaysian Ministry of Education. (2014 -2016)

Awards and Fellowships

2012-2014 Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award DE120100720. 2012-2013 Endangered Languages Small Grant SG0187 Western desert Special Speech Styles Project (with Elizabeth Marrkilyi Ellis and Dr Jennifer Green).

2007-2010 Australian Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellowship LP0774918 (CI Dr Jerry Schwab).

2010 International Research Fellowship. The Australian Academy of the Humanities: International Science Linkages - Humanities and Creative Arts Programme. 2007 Australian Anthropological Society Thesis Prize for 2007 for PhD thesis by research. 1998 M.A.K. Halliday Scholarship for Masters research - Applied Linguistics Association of Australia.1982 W.E.H. Stanner Prize for Aboriginal Studies, The Australian National University.

Key Publications  

Kral, I. (2014) 'Shifting perceptions, shifting identities: Communication technologies and the altered social, cultural and linguistic ecology in a remote indigenous context'. The Australian Journal of Anthropology, Vol.25,  pp. 171-189.

Kral, I. (2013) 'The acquisition of media as cultural practice: Remote Indigenous youth and new digital technologies'. In Ormond-Parker, L., Corn, A., Fforde, C., Obata, K. and O'Sullivan, S. (Eds) Information Technology and Indigenous Communities. Canberra: AIATSIS Research Publications,  pp. 53-73.

Kral, I. (2013) 'Literacy and social practice matters: An ethnographic perspective'. Fine Print: A journal of adult English language and literacy education, Vol.36, No.2,  pp. 9-12.

Kral, I. (2012) Talk, Text & Technology: Literacy and Social Practice in a Remote Indigenous Community. Bristol, Buffalo, Toronto: Multilingual Matters. For details see:

Kral, I. (2011) 'Youth media as cultural practice: Remote Indigenous youth speaking out loud'. Australian Aboriginal Studies. Journal of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Vol.1,  pp. 4-16.

Kral, I. (2010) 'Oral to literate traditions: emerging literacies in remote Aboriginal Australia'. TESOL in Context Journal, Vol.19, No.2, pp. 34-49.

Kral, I. and Heath, S. B. (2013) 'The world with us: Sight and sound in the "cultural flows" of informal learning. An Indigenous Australian case'. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, Vol. 2, No.4,  pp. 227-237.

Kral, I. and Schwab, R. G. (2012) Learning Spaces: Youth, literacy and new media in remote Indigenous Australia. Canberra: ANU E-Press. Available at:

Kral, I. and Ellis, E. M. (2008) 'Children, language and literacy in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands'. In Wigglesworth, G. and Simpson, J. (Eds) Children's language and multilingualism: Indigenous language use at home and school. London: Continuum Publishers, pp. 154-172.

Kral, I. and Morphy, F. (2006) 'Language'. In Hunter, B. H. (Ed.) Assessing the evidence on Indigenous socioeconomic outcomes: A focus on the 2002 NATSISS. CAEPR Research Monograph 26. Canberra: The Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Australian National University,  pp. 279-289.

Kral, I. and Falk, I. (2004) What is all that learning for?: Indigenous adult English literacy practices, training, community capacity and health. Adelaide: NCVER.

Obata, K., Kral, I. and Ngaanyatjarra speakers ([2005] 2009) Ngaanyatjarra Picture Dictionary. Alice Springs: IAD Press.

Other publications include:

Kral, I. (2014) 'Education'. In Klein, E. (Ed.) 'Academic perspectives on the Forrest Review: Creating Parity'.  CAEPR Topical Issue 2/2014, pp. 24-26

Kral, I. (2011) 'Technology dreaming'. Arts Yarn Up, Autumn,  pp. 12-14.

Fogarty, W. and Kral, I. (2011) 'Indigenous Language Policy In Australia', CAEPR Topical Issue No. 11/2011.

Kral, I. (2010) 'Generational change, learning and remote Australian Indigenous youth.' CAEPR Working Paper 68. Canberra: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, The Australian National University.

Kral, I. (2010) 'Plugged in Remote Australian Indigenous youth and digital culture.' CAEPR Working Paper 69. Canberra: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, The Australian National University.

Kral, I. (2009) 'The literacy question in remote Indigenous Australia.' CAEPR Topical Issue 06/2009. Canberra, The Australian National University: Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research.

Kral, I. (2008) 'Literacy as social practice'. In Richmond, C. (Ed.) The Walk to School: An Indigenous Early Years Literacy Strategy for Northern Territory Public Libraries & Knowledge Centres. Darwin: Northern Territory Library, pp. 20-26.

Kral, I. and Schwab, R. G. (2003) 'The realities of Indigenous adult literacy acquisition and practice: Implications for remote community capacity development.' CAEPR Discussion Paper 257. Canberra: The Australian National University.



Kral, I. (2000) The socio-historical development of literacy in Arrernte: A case study of writing in an Aboriginal language and the implications for current vernacular literacy practices. Unpublished Masters thesis (Applied Linguistics), Melbourne: University of Melbourne.

Kral, I. (2007) Writing words - right way! Literacy and social practice in the Ngaanyatjarra world. Unpublished Ph.D thesis (Anthropology). Canberra: The Australian National University.


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