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The Australian National University

Michael Dillon, Visiting Fellow

B.Ec (ANU), M.Litt (UNE)

Research Interests

Michael Dillon's research interests focus on public policy and Indigenous affairs. He has particular interests in native title and Indigenous land issues, institutional frameworks and corporate governance, remote policy issues and Indigenous housing issues.


Key publications


Dixon R.A. and Dillon M.C. eds.1990  Aborigines and Diamond Mining: The Politics of Resource Development in the East Kimberley Western Australia, University of Western Australia Press, Perth.

Dillon M.C. and Westbury N.D. 2007 Beyond Humbug: Transforming government engagement with Indigenous Australia, Seaview Press, West Lakes, SA.


Dillon M.C. 1985. 'Developments in Public Sector Audit: How Effective are Efficiency Audits?' Australian Journal of Public Administration, vol.XLIV, No.3, September 1985.

Dillon M.C. and Coombs H.C. 1989. 'Instruments of Control', in Coombs H.C., McCann H., Ross, H., and Williams N.M. (eds.) Land of Promises: Aborigines and Development in the East Kimberley, CRES,ANU and AIATSIS, Canberra.

Dillon M.C. 1990. 'A Terrible Hiding: Western Australia's Aboriginal Heritage Policy', chapter four in Dixon and Dillon 1990.

Dillon M. C. 1990. 'Social Impact at Argyle: Genesis of a Public Policy', chapter nine in Dixon and Dillon 1990.

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Dillon M.C. 1992. 'Program evaluation and monitoring in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs: a strategic overview' in O'Faircheallaigh C. and Ryan B. eds. Program Evaluation and Performance Monitoring: an Australian Perspective, Macmillan, Melbourne.

Dillon M.C. 1996. 'Institutional Structures in Indigenous Affairs: the future of ATSIC' chapter five in Sullivan P. ed. Shooting the Banker: Essays on ATSIC and Self-Determination, North Australia Research Unit, ANU, Darwin.

Altman J.C. and Dillon, M.C. 2004. 'A Profit Related Investment Scheme for the Indigenous Estate' Discussion Paper 270/2004, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU, Canberra.

Altman J.C. and Dillon M.C. 2005. 'Commercial Development and Natural Resource Management on the Indigenous Estate: A Profit-Related Investment Proposal' Economic Papers vol 24(3):249-262, September 2005.

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