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The Australian National University

Chay Brown, Research Scholar

Bachelor of International Studies (International Relations), Deakin University.

Graduate Diploma of Education, University of the Sunshine Coast.

Masters of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development (Research), Australian National University.


Chay is a PhD Candidate from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. She recently completed her Masters research on the impact of the Northern Territory Emergency Response on violence against women in Alice Springs' town camps. She now hopes to extend that research to look at Indigenous-led projects and interventions which address violence against Indigenous women.

Chay has a background in International Development and Education. She has been involved in projects in HIV testing and counselling, micro-financed income-generating projects and teaching colleges. She has previously worked in East Timor, Uganda, U.K., Thailand and China. She has spent the last two years teaching, and working with trafficked women in safe houses in Thailand.

Thesis Title

What is good practice in Indigenous-led interventions in violence against Indigenous women?

Research Interests

Chay has a diverse range of research interests which inclu