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The Australian National University

Formation, Development and Change of Stereotypes and Prejudice

Presented by

Daniel Bar-Tal


Hanna Neumann Building Room G058 (near Degree Café and Manning Clark Centre), The Australian National University


Wednesday, 20 May 2015
12.30 - 2.00pm


The presentation will deal with several issues related to formation and development of stereotypes and prejudice. First it will elaborate on the term delegitimization which denotes a very negative stereotyping. Second, it will propose an integrative model which explains the formation and change of the contents, as well as their intensity and extensiveness, of ethnic and national stereotypes. The model focuses on three categories of variables which determine the stereotypic contents and their intensity and extensiveness. The first category, labelled as Context Variables, consists of the history of intergroup relations, political-social climate, economic conditions, behavior of other groups, characteristics of the outgroup and nature of intergroup relations. These variables, being interrelated, influence the second category, labelled as Transmitting Variables. This includes political-social-cultural-educational mechanisms, family's channel and direct contact. The influence of the above-mentioned factors is mediated by the category of Personal Mediating Variables consisting of person's values, attitudes, personality, motivations, and cognitive styles. Finally, as implications--the presentation will outline a conceptual framework on a macro level that proposes how to approach the challenge of improving the relations between Non-Aboriginal Australians and Aboriginal Australians.


Professor Daniel Bar-Tal is the Branco Weiss Professor of Research in Child Development and Education at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University.


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